How Teenagers have been playing an important role in mobile app development?

A Good aspect of mobile app development is that it has created the new career development opportunities for the teenage program developers. Within last number of years, there is an increase in number of teenage mobile app developer, and this is encouraging the confidence of large companies to expand their business operations in all over the world. Many teenagers irrespective of their age and education are participating in the mobile app development process. In the last number of years, many teenagers have proved their capabilities. Teenagers have been playing an important role in grooming the technologies of the mobile phones. In 2008, a Teenager in California developed a mobile app for the home depot, and got a prize of $10500, and this teenage impressed the Facebook officials quite a lot and thus he was offered an internship at Facebook. In 2008, Yahoo launched news reading apps from the young person of 12 years only worth tens of millions of Dollars, now this applications is popular in all around the world and people have been benefiting from this application a quite lot. The company as a regards employed that guy, and nowadays, company has been thinking to make use of his inventions in algorithmic in mobile phone apps. Therefore, teenagers are making their way to lead the world of mobile phone app development.


No doubt, these entrepreneurial skills have been a good deal of time for the large companies because these companies combine the passion and ambitions. This is not wisdom to judge an entrepreneur as daunted by the prospect of failure and is ambitious to face the highs and lows of the society. However, this is good to say that these young generations are the future asset and the fire in them to contribute to something unique for the society. This would not be wrong to say that younger generation has been playing an important role in developing the mobile phone apps.

Website developers have taken the mobile phone app development as a challenge for them because this is not an easy task to develop the mobile application for the mobile phones because of number of technicalities. Everyday new research comes and it makes the present technology as an old and useless technology. For example, I Phone introduced IOS 7, which is able to provide fresh mobile use experience and user friendliness, but this would not be compatible for the mobile apps working on IOS 6, and for this, applications will need to be built with the compatibility of IOS 7. This is why; developing the mobile phone applications is not less than a challenge for the app developer.

Smart phone companies have been offering the good opportunities to the app developers to work with real time data anywhere with the help of number of tools available like Google Drive, Drop Box, Mobile App Store, Google’s Play Store, and Apple’s App publication store. In this way, these developers help the developers to develop their own applications, and then publish it on these platforms. This is clear for us about how developers taken the technology at its peak.


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