How Teenagers have been playing an important role in mobile app development?

A Good aspect of mobile app development is that it has created the new career development opportunities for the teenage program developers. Within last number of years, there is an increase in number of teenage mobile app developer, and this is encouraging the confidence of large companies to expand their business operations in all over the world. Many teenagers irrespective of their age and education are participating in the mobile app development process. In the last number of years, many teenagers have proved their capabilities. Teenagers have been playing an important role in grooming the technologies of the mobile phones. In 2008, a Teenager in California developed a mobile app for the home depot, and got a prize of $10500, and this teenage impressed the Facebook officials quite a lot and thus he was offered an internship at Facebook. In 2008, Yahoo launched news reading apps from the young person of 12 years only worth tens of millions of Dollars, now this applications is popular in all around the world and people have been benefiting from this application a quite lot. The company as a regards employed that guy, and nowadays, company has been thinking to make use of his inventions in algorithmic in mobile phone apps. Therefore, teenagers are making their way to lead the world of mobile phone app development.


No doubt, these entrepreneurial skills have been a good deal of time for the large companies because these companies combine the passion and ambitions. This is not wisdom to judge an entrepreneur as daunted by the prospect of failure and is ambitious to face the highs and lows of the society. However, this is good to say that these young generations are the future asset and the fire in them to contribute to something unique for the society. This would not be wrong to say that younger generation has been playing an important role in developing the mobile phone apps.

Website developers have taken the mobile phone app development as a challenge for them because this is not an easy task to develop the mobile application for the mobile phones because of number of technicalities. Everyday new research comes and it makes the present technology as an old and useless technology. For example, I Phone introduced IOS 7, which is able to provide fresh mobile use experience and user friendliness, but this would not be compatible for the mobile apps working on IOS 6, and for this, applications will need to be built with the compatibility of IOS 7. This is why; developing the mobile phone applications is not less than a challenge for the app developer.

Smart phone companies have been offering the good opportunities to the app developers to work with real time data anywhere with the help of number of tools available like Google Drive, Drop Box, Mobile App Store, Google’s Play Store, and Apple’s App publication store. In this way, these developers help the developers to develop their own applications, and then publish it on these platforms. This is clear for us about how developers taken the technology at its peak.


Revolution Of Android Technologies In Mobile App Development

Last two years are very important years in the Revolution Of Android Technologies In Mobile App Development & mobile phones apps, and this has increased the number of mobile phone users to millions, which is still on. Google CEO said, “Mobile Phone applications development is the future of Software Development”. Almost there are more than 6 billion mobile phones in this world, and 6 million is the total number of people, which have been becoming the mobile phone users. This innovation in the Mobile Phone technology has disturbed the businesses of the Computer manufacturing companies. These companies are now tending to develop the mobile apps and mobile devices to stay in the markets. People like the smart phones because of the number of applications present; this is owing to the smart applications present in the Android mobile. This has given a good scope to the mobile industry in this world.


Nowadays, Android technology is famous because it is designed in such a way that allows the developers and software designing companies to alter the design of the company according to their specific needs and requirements. Android application development is another name of mobile app development, which is offering the business development opportunities in this industry. Developers need to be highly professional and expert in order to develop the mobile apps, when it comes to develop the mobile apps through android.In the current job market, there has been an increasing demand of the mobile app developers. People are doing the work of mobile app development part time, and they are making good money from the mob app development. Android App development allows you to develop your own mobile app, and then you can upload it to the google play store, which can be downloaded by the smart phone users.

When it comes to develop the mobile App for android, then here it needs to understand that language of android programming is very easy to learn and understand. The process of developing the apps is cost effective, which makes the android app development as an extra ordinary app development. Developers can develop the application in a sense they want and wish. If we talk about the Mobile Phone App industry prior to the arrival of the android technology, then Symbian and IOS were commonly used technologies. But the arrival of android technology has given the wide options to develop the highly dynamic applications at the lowest cost. This technology has dominated the Symbian technology as well.

There are many companies, which have been making use of android apps and software like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and LG etc. These companies have now become the tycoon in the mobile phone industry by just making use of the android technology.If you visit the Google Play store and the other stores, you will find everyday newly added mobile apps on Google play, which will help you in getting the benefit in a specific way. Android Mobile phone apps have also created the so much competition among the cellular companies just because of unique app development.

Mobile Phone App Development As An Open Way Of Development

Mobile Phone technology is at its peak, and has been managing to connect the people with one another for many years. Owing to the mobile phone technology, it has become possible to bring the people from Pagers to Smart Phones. Nowadays, mobile phone companies have been planning to force the people to get out from the desktop perspective and make positions in the personal space of the customer via mobile phone technology. Marketers consider the mobile phone as a top notch marketing initiatives, and they have revealed that many people who have been working and tech savvy, spend the major portion of their time on the smart phones. In this way, the importance of the mobile phone technology is very much to consider. Similarly, with the increase of the mobile phone technology, many mobile apps have come to existence, and it has opened a new way for the developers. Developer can easily develop the unique android apps with salient features.


The demand of the mobile phone apps have been increasing day by day, as people are becoming more addicted to Smart phones, and they want new technology, new features, and new way of using the mobile phone apps. Now, there have come many mobile phone apps in the market, which has been benefiting the people in a number of ways. Some people are getting the benefit from the App from Medical Point of view, some people are making their traveling easy with these applications. Many people are doubling up their profits through trading from Mobiles, and some people are using the mobile phones as a way of entertainment. Overall, the mobile phone apps have a great scope in the market. A new applications launched in the market at once becomes the top running applications.

The rise of demands of mobile phone technology has increase the business of the development companies who have been managing to promote the important and entertaining apps. According the survey of US department of Statistics, Internet consumption has become over burden and every day, more than 80 million people are such who are unidentified but they have been using the mobile phone apps on the internet. Behavioral patter of data for mobile usage, Android and IOS users are highest in numbers. The most popular time or the busiest time of using the Mobile Phone internet is the Weekends when the entire world runs on the mobile Phone apps.

According to a new survey by the US department of Statistics, the projected usage of mobile phone apps will rise to 91% from the present year. These figures are enough to evaluate that how much the demand of the Mobile Phone apps increased. As the demand of the mobile phone apps increases, the web developers have been managing to change their attitude towards the mobile phone app development. Developers, who managed to outshine in the app development, have made progress rapidly due to their good griping on the field and have reached to the required mastery on more than only one mobile phone platform. This is an age of the mobile phone and smart applications, and to reap the full benefit from these apps.